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The Times, They Are a Changing.

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For anybody that knows me, they know there is a lot happening in my life right now. And there are a lot of changes coming down the pike not only for me, but also for both my siblings. Changes that will bring life into this world, changes that will bring family closer together, and changes that will distance family. I don’t want to get into details quite yet, but I get unbelievably giddy when I think about all of it and how lucky I am to have my brother and sister and the rest of my family as well. And friends, friends too as there was a recent engagement - so much good stuff happening! It’s been a great summer. The best part was probably the end - I pretty much took most of August off as I had a couple weeks of vacation built up from non-stop work. First stop was Whistler for their Mountain Bike Park - a phenomenal time and I cannot wait to go up there again. Next was Blackhat, which was a blast. I got to catch up with old friends and, well…it’s Vegas. I then came back to Seattle and summitted Mt. Rainier - if there ever was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that was it. Well, until I do it again next year, right Ryan!? After coming back down from Rainier, I hung around in Seattle for the rest of the week and just enjoyed it while I could. It was then off to the old homestead so I could help my parents install some windows in the new addition to the house. It felt good to be able to give my father a hand again - it’s something I don’t get a chance to do very often these days, but was always a key part of my childhood. I also got to visit my brother and see his house for the first time! And then finally…finally, it was back to Chicago. But only for two days before I had to fly back to Seattle for another dance event that I can’t seem to stop talking about. ;) And then finally, no really…back to Chicago again. And I don’t think I went back to Seattle until September…a couple times. ;)

So it was busy. But I loved it. I mountain biked. I hiked. I hacked. I spent time with those closest to me. I danced. I hacked a little more…and just overall enjoyed myself.

I don’t know what else to say, but the next few months are going to be interesting for every member of my family. I can’t wait!

Update - Make that two friends that are now engaged! Congrats, dudes! Rock the heck on.