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For Sale: TweetStats.com

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Four years and one month ago on January 27, 2008, I released a cool little weekend project into the wild known as TweetStats.com. Born out of a simple perl script that helped me visualize how I had started to use Twitter, I found that there were a lot of people out there that also wanted to see how they used Twitter and who they were talking to. The site took off and I found myself spending all waking and non-working hours tweaking it and thinking about other cool things I could do better.

The site was my first shot at learning Ruby on Rails and helped me realize how easy it was to conceive, plan, and build an idea and then deploy it to the world at large. It was the first of many Twitter-related apps that I created and led directly to the company that I started two years later. It also cemented my addiction to Twitter and introduced me to a lot of other fantastic Twitter app developers and Twitter employees.

Sadly, while there is still a ton of opportunity for cool things with TweetStats, I no longer have the time or resources to keep maintaining it and I need to pass it on to somebody. I’m hoping to find somebody that will put as much love and care as I have into the site and continue to please users with awesome stats on their Twitter account, and maybe even other social media accounts!

With a bit of a heavy heart, I’ve put the site up for sale on Flippa.

Between 800,000 users graphed, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 billion tweets stored, and minute-by-minute worldwide Twitter Trends for the past three years, it’s been quite a ride building this in my spare time. :)

I can be reached at dacort@tweetstats.com with any questions.