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Thank You, Hertz

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As I’ve mentioned before, United has terrible customer service, Southwest has great customer service.  I would like to thank another organization as well as a specific person for going above and beyond the call of duty.  Carol (sp?), who works for Hertz Rental Cars’ Lost & Found department, is my new best friend.

I returned a rental car late last night and in my last-minute haste (arrived approximately 50 minutes prior to departure…) managed to leave my fleece jacket in the back seat.  This is my favorite fleece.  It’s an Arc’Teryx and I got it on sale at REI and even then it was still somewhat ridiculously expensive because it’s so good.  This is the fleece that I summitted Rainier in.  I’ve even got a little pin on it from my summit.  I did not want to lose this fleece.

So as soon as I got in, I called the Hertz lost & found department and left a message as they were still closed.  A mere 1.5 hours after they opened, I received a call From Carol, who had to dig up my number as I didn’t leave it on my message.  She had the fleece, she was going to fedex it over, and all I had to do was pay shipping.  She was pleasant, she was helpful, but most of all she had my lost item and had dug through my records to figure out how the heck to get in touch with me.

Thank you, Carol, and thank you, Hertz  - you should give that woman a raise!