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iPod Envy

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The new video store is one of the reasons I want a new iPod, and apparently it’s fairly successful already, generating $1 million in revenue thus far by selling 125,000 movies in the first week. The ability to quickly purchase and download a movie, have a storage medium, and then even have the ability to play it on the TV is so slick and enticing. I personally have my media setup wired to be able to stream movies straight from my computer as well as music. I’ve always had all my media on my computer and this ability to push it into the living room is very sexy. Apple is cashing in on the “I want it and I want it whenever I damn well please” mentality of todays consumers of TV and video. Want to watch Lost? Why bother taking a specific chunk out of your day that you have to set aside and miss other things - just download it and watch it whenever…and wherever you want to. Way to go Apple - it will be interesting to see how well others can play catch-up.

The only problem now is the iPod needs way more capacity if it is going to hold not only my music, but also my pictures and multi-gigabyte video files.