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Life Running a Startup - 1 Million Miles Per Hour

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Live life.

seattle coffee

If there’s one motto I can hope to live by, it’s those simple two words. Just under 2 years ago, I quit my comfy security consulting job to “do my own thing.” Since then, I’ve started two companies and even though every day brings a new challenge, I couldn’t be happier.

Running a startup (or any company) is no easy task. You are, more so than ever before, married to your work. If you fail, your company fails. And you can’t sprint fast enough to keep up with all the demands. And your personal life will suffer. Relationships will be strained, nights out with friends will be missed. If you’re not working on your startup, you’re thinking about your startup.

It. Is. You.

For me, I love that. I love the freedom that comes with running your own company. And while that freedom isn’t jet-setting across the country (yet ;)) on a whim like I used to do when I had that cushy job, it’s the freedom to embrace life as I see fit. It’s the freedom of knowing that every day, I choose what to work on and where I want my life to go. Not everybody has that flexibility and I cherish that.

It’s currently 8am on Tuesday morning and I’m basking in the sun at a local Seattle coffee job jamming out to tunes and cranking on some code. Last night I stayed up until 2am working. Today will be more of the same. This week, pretty similar, but hopefully interspersed by good times with friends (first USA world cup game is Friday morning :)) and enjoying the Seattle sun as summer is ushered in.

This is my life.

Live it.