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I’ve had some time at work this week to get a lot done on our intranet site. We moved to a new server as noted in the previous post and I also took the development server and upgraded MySQL to the latest development version (4.1.1a).

One of the problems I ran into was a couple web applications erroring out after the upgrade:

Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client
Come to find out, MySQL 4.1 has implemented a new password hasing function which isn’t supported by a number of apps yet, such as PHP (or at least not in the version I was using).

MySQL has documented this on their site: MySQL Manual 5.3.11 Password Hashing in MySQL 4.1 and all I had to do was set the web application users’s account password using the OLD_PASSWORD() function.

Besides that, the only other thing I had a problem with was when I was editing a document in the wrong directory and wondering why the changes weren’t taking effect…I should have listened to Jeremy