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Restaurant : Shiroi Hana

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I believe I’ve never left a review of Shiroi Hana on the blog. This is the place I frequent the most in my newfound love for sushi. My first date with S was to a sushi joint and ever since then, we have it about twice a month. Shiroi Hana is just down the street from me at 3242 N. Clark St. I usually get the spicy tuna roll, although the dragon roll does look really cool. And then I go with a random assortment of sushi.

Last night while eating there with S and a few friends (one a sushi virgin!), we ordered 8 rolls and 37 pieces of sushi. It was the most sushi I’ve ever seen in one place. It was all pretty good though - even the sushi virgin enjoyed it.

At one point, I dropped some rice onto my plate. Unfortunately, part of the wasabi ball that I had put on the plate so I didn’t have to double-dip stuck to the rice. I picked up the rice and popped it into my mouth and the next thing I felt was the feeling of some sort of paste against my tongue. Wayyyyy too much wasabi if you can feel that. My eyes teared up and I coughed a few times, but I made it out without vomiting (ala Jackass The Movie).

I do recommend Shiroi Hana though - not too expensive and very tasty sushi. Make sure to order a cup of the green tea.