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IIS 6, Virtual Directories, and Remote Shares

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While moving a website from an old workstation running Windows XP to a new server running Windows Server 2003, I had to map one directory on the website back to a share on the old server. I had a little trouble doing so…

Although both servers are on the same domain, I don’t have access to manager user accounts on said domain. So I figured if I added a user account on the old server, I could use that account to connect back to it. Well, try as I might, setting up an IIS 6.0 Virtual Directory to connect back to a share on the older server with a local user account just would not work. The web server would just give me an HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) when I tried to access that directory. If I put in a domain account (mine), it would work, but I didn’t want to do that because I’m paranoid.

What I eventually had to do to make it work was add a user account with the same name and password to both servers. What a royal pain in the toush!