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Twitter Trends - 2009 Coffee Activity

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After posting on 2009 airline activity on Twitter, I got a couple requests that it’d be interesting to see activity from coffee brands on Twitter. (Did I mention that I live in Seattle, home of the illustrious @Starbucks? ;))

A few tweaks and 77 minutes later, I was able to put together the following graph of tweets from each coffee brand’s Twitter account from January to October 10 of this year.

Coffee activity on Twitter - Jan-Oct 2009

A few interesting observations. There were only four brands even on Twitter in January of this year. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts dominated then, as they do now. There was an interesting peak among most brands around July and September of this year, with many having their activity taper off after that.

Dunkin Donuts has been tweeting a lot this month. If we take a closer look at their Twitter stats from October, we see that October 6th was a busy day. A little research shows that the 6th was the day they came out with their annual fall lineup and that they also had a promotion for firefighters in DC that day.

Amazing what a little visualization will show.