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PR in a Twitter World

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I’m mildly amused at the response of Pepsi and the negative response to their “AMP UP Before you Score” iPhone app that objectifies women and parodies off the typical male approach to dating in the year 2009.

Conversations flared on Twitter this weekend after the company launched their iPhone application. Interestingly enough, the response from AMP and Pepsi at the moment is to try to cram a PR response into a 140 character tweet.

AMPwhatsnext Response Pepsi Response

Originally tweeted out from the @AMPwhatsnext account, the @Pepsi account re-tweeted the message shortly thereafter. At the time of this writing, this is the only official response I could find. Nothing on the Pepsi website or the AMP website. Just an apology crammed into 140 characters using numbers to abbreviate words.

Is this really what PR has come to in the world of Twitter? The other side of this, though, is the interesting fact that this may be all that’s needed to address this bit of PR. Where opinions can blow up in a matter of minutes and spread like wildfire, the days of delicate PR are long gone for real-time PR in the nature of the medium.