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10 Crazy Favoriting Twitter Users

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Have I mentioned I like poking through data before? Maybe a few hours ago? Well I do. And while reviewing a book this evening on how to build applications with the Twitter API, I was motivated to take a look at usage of the “Favorites” feature on Twitter.

Below is a graph showing the count of favorites across approximately 135,000 Twitter users. As expected, the majority of users have below 5,000 favorites. Favorites Count - Overall

Digging in a little more, I got curious if there was any correlation between the number of friends you have and the amount of favorites. Below we see a subsection of the favorites to friends ratio. Interestingly, an increase in friends actually correlates in a decrease in the usage of the favorites function. But wait, there’s an unusual spike in there.

Favorites 400 and Friends 5k with Trend

Zooming in just a little bit more and we see an interesting pattern around the Twitter 2k Effect again. Seems like once people hit the 2,000 friends limit, they start paying more attention to people’s tweets?

Favorites 400 and Friends 2k

And finally, curious who those crazy favoriting users are? Here are the top 10 from my data set, which is definitely not authoritative, but interesting nonetheless.

Screen NameFavorites Count

Thanks again to Tableau (@Tableau on Twitter) for making it easy to slice and dice the data.

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