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The *Real* Top 20 Twitter Applications

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I get very bent out-of-shape when people post inaccurate or misleading statistics. TechCrunch just recently had a post on the Top 20 Twitter Applications in which they used traffic to the applications’ web sites to determine the top 20 apps. While they admit it’s not the best, they left out one of the top Twitter clients (which didn’t make Loic happy, of course) and the data really is not representative of the truth.

As part of TweetStats, I pull in data from Gnip on every single Twitter update and the associated application. So, here are the real Top 20 Twitter applications.


Twitter Applications Monthly Updates (from TweetStats)
Web 22,107,803
TwitterFeed 4,509,089
TweetDeck 3,284,881
txt 2,458,941
Twitterrific 2,184,787
TwitterFox 1,999,972
Twhirl 1,980,543
mobile web 1,190,309
Tween 911,026
TwitterBerry 870,460
TwitterFon 763,050
Tweetie 553,820
movatwitter 442,624
FriendFeed 440,075
P3:PeraPeraPrv 436,841
Twinkle 335,535
Twit 330,110
Ping.fm 276,177
Perl Net::Twitter 239,023
Power Twitter 208,294

Footnote: This is out of slightly over 50 million Twitter updates in January. It does not included protected users and there may be some tweets missing due to downtime in Twitter or Gnip. But for the most part, this is very representative.

Update: Another quick stat - in January, 1,231 different client applications were used to post updates to Twitter.