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MLS All-Star Game

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Hello from the MLS All-Star game in Denver, CO! I was in the right Irish pub at the right time! ;-)

MLS vs Celtic FC

Update to the story. I went out and grabbed a drink last night at a local Irish pub in Denver. While sitting there with my co-worker, we noticed somebody behind us who happened to have some tickets for sale to the MLS All-Stars vs Celtic FC soccer game that night, which was a pretty big game. The last time I saw a live MLS game was way back in 2001 when I saw the Chicago Fire play. While I was up grabbing a hot dog, I also nearly bumped into David Beckham…or at least the security staff that surrounded him. I didn’t quite know what was going on when one of his staff asked me to stay back and then I saw the swarms of girls surrounding the blond-headed Beckham. I had my phone on me, but couldn’t really get a good picture. I did hold a little kid up to see him and got a great picture with somebody else’s phone, though!