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A Little Family Passing Through

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One of my cousins and her husband were passing through Seattle today, and I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet up with them for lunch at Pike Place Market. We chose to eat at the Athenian Inn, which is where Tom Hanks ate during one of the scenes from Sleepless in Seattle. It was a cool place and I sat at the same stool he did for a moment. I ordered an open-faced Dungeness Crab Sandwich with melted cheese on top. There were nice big chunks of crab in the sandwich and it was oh-so-delicious.

It was awesome to see my cousin though and after a brief show from the fisherman at the market, we unfortunately had to part ways. I made my standard recommendation to out-of-towners to visit the Fremont Troll, which I hope they were able to do. Thanks for giving me a call!