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What a Week(end)

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It’s been quite the crazy week that continued right into the weekend as well. I was in Dallas, TX this past week for work and had a great time down there. Unfortunately, I checked my luggage for the first time in a while since my co-worker was, and of course the airline lost it. Thankfully it did come in the next day, but not until after I had already left for the client. I would have to say the best part was the food, particularly a lovely BBQ joint called Bone Daddy’s that had a population of about 92% male patrons during lunch…it’s Texas, I’ll let you figure out the rest. ;-)

I also bought a PSP while in Dallas, spurred on by the fact that my co-worker had one and it’s a pretty great little device. I just wish the games weren’t so expensive so I could get some more.

I returned Friday night, promptly passing out as I knew Saturday was going to be a long day. I awoke relatively early and cleaned up my place in prepartation for a BBQ later that evening. Before that, though, I had a picnic to attend for my dance studio. It was a great time with some volleyball and ultimate frisbee, with the pleasing absence of the “pieing incident” that occured last year that lost me a shirt to my garbage can. Then it was directly off to my championship soccer game, which we unfortunately lost, 3-2. But not to worry, a rainy BBQ was to follow where most members of the team met up at my place for a wonderful evening of a few beers, some great burgers, and a whole evening of getting to know each other better.

Today, Sunday…I am doing absolutely nothing except wishing my Father a Happy Father’s Day. Without him, I would not be where I am today - one of the most valuable things I learned from him was a good, hard work ethic. Without that, I wouldn’t be sitting comfortably in my great home right now. So for that simple little thing, thanks Dad!