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Restaurant Review: Timo

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This evening, a few friends and I went to a restaurant called Timo, formerly Thyme.  This place is right up the street from me and I’ve passed it dozens of times and have always wanted to check it out.  I must say - one of the best dining experiences I’ve had.  Ironically enough, the outdoor garden patio is rated as one of the best in the city, but being that winter has come early that was not an option.  Regardless, the food more than made up for that.  Service was excellent with sneaky waiters finding a way to continuously refill the water without being noticed and folded napkins in the event that you left the table (which we did to check out the garden patio).

For dinner, I chose the pork shank - other options at the table included a halibut special, sea scallops, and a steak.  The pork shank was absolutely amazing and truly fell off the bone - no knife was needed.  All of the other dishes were spectacular too - I would order any one of them.  Dessert, as well, was amazing.  I had a trio of creme brulee that was easily some of the best I’ve had.

I simply can’t say how good this meal was.