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Columbia River Gorge

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I took off this weekend down to the gorge to do a little bit of camping and mountain biking. I’m not sure I’ll get another chance to hit it up while I’m out here, but I certainly hope to! It was a good weekend, but the best part was the biking. I rented a full suspension bike called the Norco Fluid: hood_river/IMGP2690

What an awesome bike! There was a trail called the Whoopie Trail that we went on - it’s called the Whoopie Trail because there are three whoopie do’s on the trail - you know, big huge dips that you fly down on one side and try valiantly to reach the top of the other side, but usually end up making it only part of the way up and having to hop off to the side. They were tons of fun and there was some really good singletrack. Now I want to buy that bike. I got some sick pics of me going down the third whoopie, but I don’t have them yet. I’ll definitely post them when I do.

Update: I added a few action shots: hood_river/DSC_0102