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Live Music in Seattle

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Oh man, did I just get the hookup for some good places to go in Seattle for live music. I mentioned a couple weeks ago how I stumbled on Mycle Wastman. Well I went there again tonight and met a few people that recommended all kinds of other places I should go. One of those places was Paragon that had some good jazz/r&b tonight, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the band. In any case, I talked to one of the singers as well as another guy from Chicago (w00t) and they both recommended a few more places. Like Joanna’s on Cherry St., Malibou(?) across from Dick’s in Queen Anne, Isabella’s on Sundays (well, this Sunday…there’s a white party), and some other place that I didn’t write down properly. Also, Mycle will be at Wonderbar on Saturday.


Oh, by the way…if you need to know someplace to go for breakdancing in Seattle…just ask me! :-D