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San Fran Stories

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So I was in San Fran this past weekend visiting Mike D, or as it will be known for the context of this post: “The City of Eating”. Yea, we ate quite a bit. I got in late Friday and we hit up a local bar for a quick drink where I fashioned my cell phone as illumination for the menu in the dark interior.

After a couple more drinks than intended, Saturday morning was late in coming. Not to be stopped, we headed across the Golden Gate bridge and went to a great restaurant called Sweden House Bakery and Cafe. We got a nice seat out by the bay, where the seagulls and pigeons were very close neighbors: SF-March2006/IMGP2353 They weren’t kidding either. As soon as the couple next to us left, a seagull and a few pigeons clattered onto the table nearly knocking over some glasses to get…a packet of butter?! Crazy birds.

Then it was back to the Golden Gate. Feats of engineering never cease to amaze me. Did you know that there are 27,572 galvanized wires in one main cable?

Even if you didn’t know, you probably don’t care. He’s one of the few pictures I have of people for those of you that don’t care for the significance of the 7,650ft that consists of the length of one main cable. ;-) SF-March2006/IMGP2364

After that, we drove around various parts of San Fran and saw everything from anatomically-correctenhanced robots to super steep hills and the stairs going up those hills. SF-March2006/IMGP2374SF-March2006/IMGP2375SF-March2006/IMGP2381 SF-March2006/IMGP2385

phew What a busy day! So what better to do after a draining day of site-seeing than take a nice long nap, grab some dinner, and dance the night away. SF-March2006/EvFlyer_173

I must be getting old, though, as for the first time ever I wore earplugs at the club. And in all reality…I am very glad I did. It sounded louder than normal and even with the earplugs in it was still pretty loud and more than enough for me to get lost in the beat. I probably still wouldn’t be able to hear today if I hadn’t worn those earplugs.

Sunday, as is intended, was a day of rest. After (yet another delicious) breakfast, we went and saw Ultraviolet. The effects were great, but it wasn’t really my style. The best part was the opening scene, which…ultimately didn’t have much to do with the rest of the movie but was just really cool!

Well I think that’s the highlights. Thanks, Mike D for a great weekend!