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Caution: Rant Ahead

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OK, UPS. What the heck?!

For the past two days I have been expecting a package, which was sent “Next Day Delivery” so it’s apparently pretty urgent that I get it.

Day 1 was frustrating enough when I learned that UPS had attempted delivery at 10am in the morning. This was prior to when a doorman was present downstairs, but I was definitely home. The UPS driver did not apparently to ring my doorbell, nor did he attempt to call the number on the package. Fine, frustrating enough…but hopefully he’ll be more responsible the next day because as their customer rep said, “UPS has no ability to contact their drivers to make another attempt”.

Day 2 I was determined to be ready to receive the package as all costs, but I had my doubts as the UPS slip indicated they were going to deliver it prior to 10:30am. 9:20 rolls around and I learn that delivery had been attempted just 4 short minutes ago. Notice that this was from calling the UPS info line and hearing it as opposed to their website, which didn’t have updated tracking information.

Having received no doorbell and no call yet again, I was determined to catch up to this UPS driver and give him an earful. This was two days in a row that he decided to just roll on by when he saw no doorman. I threw on some shoes, ran out the door, and zipped out of the garage. Having no clue which way he might go, but living on a one-way street, I headed down the street looking for the familiar brown. Just a couple blocks away I thought luck was with me as I a UPS van crossing the intersection. I flew up behind him, and hopped out of my car ready to tell him just what I thought. When asked if he delivered to my address, he said “Nope…some other guy”. Darnit. I inquired about this other guy’s route and set off to see if I could find him. About a mile up the street, I saw a UPS truck pulled over so I pulled over as well, hopped out and asked him the same. Not even the right zip code this time. I figured the search was over by now. I had been driving around about 15 minutes.

I turned to head back and decided to take a different route to see if I might run into him. As luck would have it, I found yet another brown UPS van. I hopped out and waited for him to come out for about five minutes. Eventually he did, but unfortunately his route ended just one block of me. Where was this mysterious UPS driver?! I had found every other one in the area… Well after inquiring this driver of the route, I learned that I was on the northwest corner of the route. So I headed out one more time to see if I might just possibly be able to run into him again. I went to the southern corner, turned left, and there he was! I pulled up behind him, turned on my blinkers and waited about 10 minutes. Finally he came out. He was the driver, he was the guy! He went and got the package from the front of the trunk. Still feeling slightly beligerent I asked why he didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell, and all I got was some mumbled answer about “oh, that wasn’t me yesterday”. I was too worn out from driving around for 45 minutes, and just happy to have my package so I didn’t press any further.

But seriously UPS…what kind of delivery service is that? I undertand it’s probably not your usual standard of service, but this driver was completely lazy.