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I Know Kung Fu

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It’s kind of weird (and I’ll probably get laughed at)…but every now and then I feel like Neo out of the Matrix. It usually happens late at night after I’ve been coding and hacking away and learning new stuff. The sun is long gone, the mountain dew cans line the side of the desk and various consoles scroll output from sql injection hacks and binary compiles. It always reminds me of the one scene where Neo is passed out in front of his computer and is awakened by Trinity hacking into his computer.


But in reality (or the Matrix…), I’m no Neo. I’m just another hacker, striving to keep up with the endless flood of information that’s accessible to us these days. Just another hard-worker refusing to give up. Diving deeper and deeper into the systems and applications in order to understand them better, if only to take advantage of them. And no, I may not know Kung Fu…but I do know Perl Fu.