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Kerio and Bleeding-Edge Snort

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As I believe I mentioned in the past, my favorite little firewall (Kerio) was recently purchased by Sunbelt. Sunbelt has already proven their worth in my opinion with this post about adding Bleeding-Edge Snort rules to protect yourself from the recent wmf issues.

WHAT?! Kerio supports bleeding-edge snort rules?! I really wish I had known this before, but man that is cool!

I’ve been following Sunbelt’s blog since the announcement and have been pretty impressed with both the openess and technical nature of the posts by the company’s president, Alex Eckelberry. Not only has Sunbelt introduced me to features of Kerio I never knew existed, they’re also going to slash the price to $14.95, at least temporarily. $14.95, yes that’s right folks…$14.95. That’s 1/3 of what it used to cost. Mr. Eckelberry - I applaud your “no brainer” pricing. You have convinced me, a long-time free user of the firewall, to pony up and pay for it.