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Must Be the Italian in Me

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…but I am such a sucker for Mexican food! ;)

As you may know, I’m in the Santa Monica area this week for work. My co-worker has a friend here and he suggested a place for dinner tonight called La Cabana - they even have an official website.

This place was amazing. It was such authentic Mexican that it had me answering the waiter in Spanish. And the waiter wasted no time. He’d come over, ask if you were ready or if you wanted a minute. If you didn’t answer right away…he’d pause long enough to tap his pencil on his notepad twice and then say “ok, another minute” in a thick Mexican accent and then move on. It wasn’t offensive, though…he was just being efficient.

For dinner, I ordered the Camarones Eduardo - shrimp prepared in a spicy chipotle sauce with refried beans, melted cheese, rice and authentic corn tortillas. I swear I thought I was in either heaven or Mexico, I couldn’t tell which. It was simply amazing…so amazingly tasty. I would come back to town solely to have that one dish again.

…I’m still drooling over it and I have no doubt I’m going to dream about that dish later tonight. Oh man, that was good!