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Google Local for Mobile

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Well Google has done it again…

I got a text message from Google this evening (which somewhat surprised me, but I guess I’m not surprised they’re keeping tabs on who’s been texting GOOGL) pointing me to their new Google Local for mobile site. Basically…Google maps for your phone. And let me tell you, it rocks… I really could have used it a couple days ago when all I had was the non-descript Hertz map. It’s fast…it’s accurate…and it’s my phone’s new best friend.

But how did they know my phone would support it? How did they detect the exact model of my phone when I visited the website? …nevermind that last question, I just checked my web server logs and perhaps it’s the big “AUDIOVOX-SMT5600/Mozilla/4.0” that shows up… hehe. In any case…I’m kind of impressed, but kind of scared.

Oh well…it will definitely come in super useful. Now if they could just triangulate my position and track me…which reminds me, may I should shut the application down. ;)