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More Subversion

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After reading around a little bit, it seems the best approaching to subverting your homedir is to use multiple repositories for the different portions of your homedir and then tying all those together using svn:externals. This post will be a lesson in doing so.

First, let’s determine the projected layout. I have several items I want to keep in subversion:

    <li>homedir - my nix home directory, generally config files</li>
    <li>code - various projects I may or may not be working on, may consist of various other repositories</li>
    <li>docs - stuff I need to keep around for my personal life.  This won't be checked out to many machines, but will be nice to keep in svn</li>
    <li>work - any stuff related to work...resume's, temporary files, etc.</li>
    <li>downloads - all the junk I download...how nice would it be to have previous versions in svn instead of x_v3.2.3.8.exe?!</li>
    <li>bin - various finished shell scripts and utilities for personal use...I may have to seperate this out to win32 and nix</li>

OK, so that’s good for now. But Joey’s use of home-base and home-full is starting to confuse me. More on this tomorrow, hopefully, but my apartment needs a serious cleaning!