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Missed: DefCon 13

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Unfortunately, I had to forego DefCon 13 this year for various reasons, but I still kept up a little bit on the chatter that was going on. My favorite presentation…SensePost on BiDiBLAH. BiDiBLAH is a tool that automates 80% (SensePost claim) of the vulnerability/penetration assessment process. That, my dear readers, is sweet and desperately needed in today’s information security assessment environment.

Penetration assessments are performed by a unique breed. There’s a certain knowledge required to identify a host and realize the potential exploitability of said host. BiDiBLAH assists in this process. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but have just never got around to. BiDiBLAH looks like it does a pretty decent job and while there are some things I would improve/change…it’s still pretty zexxy.

<foam party>I missed you DefCon…’till next year!</foam party>