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The 4th of July in Chicago

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Well I had a somewhat interesting 4th of July in Chicago this past weekend. It began fairly slow, with me just piddling around and trying to program a Trillian plugin. I then headed down to the Taste of Chicago in hopes of scoring a turkey leg and seeing the Counting Crows and They Might Be Giants. The first 30 seconds of TMBG was a bit of a letdown, so I went off in search of my turkey leg. Fat and happy a half-hour later, I wandered around the taste for a bit more watching all the people. Then it was time for Counting Crows - they were pretty good. There were people swaying and dancing all over the place, but alas - I merely rocked back and forth.

It was then off in search of a good spot at Navy Pier to watch the fireworks from. We settled on a lawn spot. There were some trees in the way, but worried we were not. This is Chicago…they must shoot the fireworks high enough for the entire city to see, right? Wrong. Most of the show was blocked by the damn tree. Again (This happened last year to me too, even though I was three miles North).

Oh well, I still got to see some big bursts.

And then finally, wonderful public transportation back to home. Oddly enough, the bus took a wrong turn. All the passengers were very confused and eventually demanded to be let out because the bus was taking us completely off the normal route.

One of these days, I’ll see some good fireworks in Chicago…