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ComEd, Unit 3, and the End of Winter

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Turns out in Chicago, ComEd (electricity provider) can’t turn off the electricity during the winter, due to the fact that people would die. However, come April 1st, they can and will shut off any power that is not being paid for.

Oddly enough, despite the fact that I live in apartment #2 and it is one unit, ComEd seems to think that the upstairs of my apartment is a completely seperate unit, namely #3. So when ComEd cut the power to unit 3 on April 1st, I came home to a pitch black bedroom and office (yes, where all my computers live). So I’ve been spending the past few days in a very dark and quiet upstairs. Power should be restored Monday or Tuesday…just as soon as somebody has the time to get out here and return the apartment to normal living conditions. Now the only matter left is the bill for the electricity that my servers have been sucking down for the past year.

On a side note, today is 04/04/04 - woot.