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Living Healthy

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I’ve decided I need to be a much healthier after a 2-year hiatus of nearly no exercise and extremely bad eating habits. The poor eating habits is primarily due to my work - I travel a lot and it’s a struggle to eat well while you’re on the road. Even if you try to, restaurants make it difficult to enjoy a good meal…of course, that’s probably due to the fact that I am wholeheartedly a meat & eggs kind of guy.

So a couple new goals - move more often, and try to eat better when I’m at home. Simple enough, huh? I think I’ll be buying a bike to achieve that first goal. I could run, but that’s never done much for me. I like rollerblading, but I feel like that doesn’t give me quite the workout I’m looking for. Thus, an occasional bike down the lakeshore path and perhaps even elsewhere in the state seems to be the answer. As for the eating part, I went over to Whole Foods the other day to buy good healthy stuff. I try to munch on celery and carrots more often now to get some veggies.

Hopefully, this will improve my overall health factor, but I guess we shall see.