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TweetStats Two Years Ago

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Well, I’m about 45 minutes late on this, but I did want to mention that two years ago on December 27, 2007, I released the first version of my Twitter Stats script.

It was a hack. It scraped the twitter.com website. It was in perl. It exported into your clipboard. And the data had to be pasted into a Numbers template. But it worked. And it was the beginning of a long journey that is culminating in something I’m going to announce tomorrow/today.

On this anniversary, I also just made an update to TweetStats that allows you to click on any month in your tweet timeline and zoom in to see your stats on that month. As an example, here are my Twitter stats for December 2007. Ah, memories. And speaking of memories, a little-known feature of the TweetCloud is that you can click on any term and it will search your tweets for that term.