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Have You Entered the Twilio Contest?

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Because you should…

I first tried Twilio at a Six Hour Startup event here in Seattle. While I didn’t have a specific use for it at the time, I was surprised by how easy the API is to use.

Fast-forward seven months and Twilio has an ongoing contest going to win a Netbook by building an app on their API. What caught my interest is the most recent contest to build a Twilio app on the Heroku ruby platform.

I’ve developed a fond love for ruby frameworks in the past year, building a couple Twitter apps on Rails and Heroku seems like a great service.

So last night I sat down and about an hour and 125 lines of code later, I had a fully functioning Twilio app deployed on Heroku using the Sinatra framework.

Really, it’s that easy - you should definitely enter the contest.