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All Ur Twitpics, in One Line.

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Approximately 17 hours ago, I received a tweet from @KymPossible regarding an app to pull your Twitpics out of your timeline. Apparently, @donttrythis wanted to pull all of his TwitPics out of his Twitter timeline. Always one for a challenge and with a fond love of one-liners, I whipped up this quick hack that pulls TwitPics out of your Twitter timeline and sticks them in an HTML file.

It’s ugly, it can be factored, it’s invalid HTML and the API barfs more often than returning the correct data…but it works. For the sake of sharing, here’s the little “script”.

That will download the last 750 updates (the Twitter API barfed over that number usually), run some shell-fu (this is where the factoring would come in), retrieve the twitpic images and sort them in chronological order. It should work on most UNIX-based systems, but I wrote it on OS X. Have a nice day.

(I really need to make a new post on my other new Twitter tool that can be used to search Twitter bios. I’ll get to that soon…)

p.s. I love Gist.