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Where in the World Is Damon Cortesi?

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Yea, I haven’t been around much, have I? Sorry about that. Officially starting my business (security consulting, process automation and tool development) a couple months ago has made me busier than I could imagine. Days are filled with work and trying to find more work, and nights are filled with all the little tasks that accompany that - process development, invoicing, and trying to keep my little side projects (TweetStats and RateMyTalk) up and running as well.

Despite that, I still found a little bit of time to go see my family out east. We did a little vacation in Maine and I had some fun with night-time exposures. This is the beach at night with a nearly full moon shining down from above.

I had a great time, but it sure did make me miss my little niece and nephews who are growing at a very fast clip. I feel like they need to see their Uncle D more often to show them the ways of computer security. ;)

Life out here in Seattle isn’t all that exciting - I’ve put most of my other activities on hold while I commit to building a business. Fortunately, I recently inked a deal that will keep me local for at least a couple months and I’m very excited about that. There are only two months so far this year that I haven’t been traveling so it will be nice to get into a routine again. I’m also looking forward to the Express Bus to one of the local ski/snowboard areas. I didn’t do any boarding last year due to my travel and I’ve missed that as well.

For now, it’s time for a little Friday night relaxation at home. A weekend awaits and I’ve got to rest up so I can stay busy!