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Delete Twitter Direct Messages

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This is a hack. This is not guaranteed to work. Twitter may change their website at any time. I am not responsible if something breaks or you decide to delete all your DM’s. Nor am I responsible if your friends get mad at you for deleting your sent DM’s from their Inbox.


That being said, I’d like to introduce my DM Whacker, DM Deleter, DM Sniper, whatever you want to call it I created a tool to delete your direct messages en-masse on Twitter. After the recent debacle regarding direct messages being exposed, I definitely saw a need amongst some Tweeters do delete their direct messages.

I need to thank @chris4403 who posted his awesome Twitter Translate bookmarklet recently. Were it not for that, I would not have had the motivation nor the codebase off which to build my first bookmarklet.

With that introduction, I’d like to point you in the direction of the new DM Deleter. Simply drag the link that’s in that page up to your Firefox or Safari bookmark bar, navigate to your direct messages, click the bookmark and select your options to delete your DM’s once and for all. The tool allows you to delete all of your messages, or just messages from certain friends.

My apologies for the additional link, but I just wanted to reinforce the point that this tool will delete your direct messages forever. So, use it with care.

Feedback welcome. The ability to delete sent messages will be added in as well soonhas been added in version 0.2.4.