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Twitter Stats/Tweet Stats/Man Am I Tired!

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So nearly a month to the day after releasing my Twitter Stats perl script, I finally made a webified version. You can check it out over at TweetStats.com.

This was really more of an engine for me to get up to speed on Ruby on Rails (RoR) than anything. I’ve been wanting to play with Ruby for a while now, but really just didn’t have the motivation. I’d like to keep making regular updates to the site as there are several features I’m hoping to add such as dynamic graphs that allow you to zoom in on your timeline, an auto-follow bot that will keep your stats constantly up-to-date, and a widget you can put on your site if you so desire. Although I’ve enjoyed working on the site, I would like to relax for a little bit.

The experience with RoR has been fairly pleasant. It’s a well thought-out framework that lends itself to quick and efficient development once you wrap your head around the model. The only downside, and really what kept me from being able to put the site up faster, was the usage of some gems like BackgrounDRb. While a great idea, a fractured development community and somewhat buggy coding gave me many a headache in the past week, ultimately leading to two redesigns of the backend code and consumed two weekends of my life. I won’t say the code is perfect, it’s far from it. But it’s been fun and hopefully people enjoy the site.

The Internet is an invaluable resource and you can find many links I used via my del.icio.us rails tag. The most useful by far was Dominiek.com’s Building a .Com in 24 hours and you will see similar design patterns on my site. I had this page open nearly the entire time I was developing the site. It was a great aid throughout the entire process.

Finally, a special thanks to somebody that sat up with me throughout the night as I muttered away coding to myself.