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Marathon Weekend

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It was quite the marathon weekend, in more ways than one!

I flew into Chicago’s Midway airport at 1am Saturday morning. I was originally going to fly in at different time, but work situations changed and alas…there I was. So I hopped in my rental for the 4 hour drive to Toledo. Yea, I know - what was I thinking. I think it was worth it when I rolled up to the front desk at the hotel and the woman asked me “Checking out, sir?”. Uh, no…checking in, thanks. Just in time for breakfast? No thanks, just in time to pass out!

So that I did and woke up and went to the wedding, which was beautiful. And then there was a little downtime before the reception, which I was thankful for because I got to take a nap. Staying up working until 5am on Thursday and driving through the night on Friday finally caught up with me. Then we partied until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday I headed back early to Chicago, only to be informed that the Chicago marathon was taking place. I tuned my radio into the AM station that was covering it just in time to hear the men’s photo finish (!!) and shortly thereafter, the women’s surprise finish. Unfortunately, the marathon was cut short due to the excessive heat in Chicago. I hung out with a few friends and then my cousin was generous enough to delay her trip back home to chill with me for a little while as well.

Then it was on a flight back home and I am about ready to crash, hard! It’s been quite the weekend.

On a nostalgic note, I was driving back from the reception and passed the hotel that I stayed at when I originally moved from Rochester to Chicago and stopped midway in Toledo - the Toledo Dreamplex. It looked like it was shut down and abandoned, but I can book a room next weekend through Expedia if I want to!