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Great Weekend

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It’s 11pm on Sunday night and I’m finally winding down my weekend. And the weekend began with the 4th of July on Wednesday! I had a few people over, barbequed, and then walked down to GasWorks Park, one of the most popular places to watch fireworks in Seattle. A couple people were stuck at my place afterwards, so after a couple games of pool we moved on a game of Scrabble that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

I got a call from all my old friends back in Chicago that were having a little reunion of people from where we all first worked and met. It was great to hear them all and I wish could have been there. I definitely miss them all like crazy. I relaxed Friday night (oh wait, no I didn’t…hehe) and woke up early Friday morning for a hike down to Reflection Lake by Mt. Rainier. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining bright except for a brief moment when we passed through Tacoma and the sky turned grey…weird. It was a great hike, a total of 8.12 miles, which you can see below: Hiking Reflection

Upon returning to Seattle, we promptly cleaned up and went and got some spicy tots(!) at a local dive bar. We tried to wind down the night by watching a movie but I’m pretty sure we all passed out on the couch after ten(?) minutes. I can’t say for sure because I was toast after five, hehe.

Sunday was another great day, but I had to spend most of it reorganizing my computers in the basement. Unfortunately, one of them died during the move. :-( Bummer. I also wandered around the Fremont Sunday Market for a good couple hours. It was such a nice day, I just didn’t want to go back to the basement…but it had to be done.

Finally, I ended my weekend with a soccer game. I played goalie tonight since our normal one couldn’t make it. I only let in two goals and our team tooke care of the rest scoring four to give us the win!

And now, a few things left to do (like shower!) before I crash and start a new week.