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Dear Yahoo!, Can I Have My Email Back?

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I was reading earlier tonight about the Yahoo!/Flickr censorship issue that happened recently and thought to myself, wow that really sucks.

Such was my opinion of Yahoo! when I went to login to my email account there and received this wonderful little nasty message: Thanks, Yahoo!

For those not willing to click-thru, it basically says that since I haven’t logged into Yahoo! email for more than 4 months, my account (of at least 10 years) has been deleted including ALL of my email from that time. Not only that, but nothing is recoverable. No warning message saying, “hey, log in more often” or “recover your email this time, but if you don’t log in more often…it’s gone”. It’s just gone. Just like that. Despite the fact that I log into Flickr on a daily basis. Despite the fact that I’ve had that account since Yahoo! began offering email. I can appreciate them trying to clean up, but this is simply alienating their users. I’m too peeved to write anything more intelligent at the moment. I realize that it’s only email, but I’m just more upset at how the account is deleted without a trace. Should I have logged into my Yahoo! mail more often? Sure. Should they have deleted it without question even when I was using other Yahoo! services…I don’t believe so.

Thanks a lot, Yahoo!…