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If I haven’t blogged in a while, there’s a very good reason - I’ve just been super busy. So a quick brief about what I’ve been up to!

I’ve been working on a fun research project for work that’s taken up most of my time when I’m not doing something else. More on that later. I’m dancing, as usual, and working on a Rumba, (something secret), and a Viennese Waltz to perform this summer, just when the parents happen to be coming to visit me. ;) On a side note, I was interviewed for a brief radio bit about Dancing with the Stars and Apollo - I have no idea when it aired, but it was pretty fun. And hopefully (!!) I should have my videos soon from my most recent competition! And finally, I’m getting booted asked to move out of my current apartment. Yea…that one that I just had a housewarming for, barely two months ago. I’m really quite bummed - it was an amazing space that I have really come to love and feel at home in. Unfortunately, the landlords want to move back in and as such, I am left trying to find another place. No luck yet, but I’m optimistic something will come along. Regardless…it’s an great deal of stress that I really didn’t need right now…or at any point!  On a positive note, it does mean I get to have another housewarming. grin