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San Francisco Dance-o-Rama 2007

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I just spent the weekend participating in the 2007 San Francisco Dance-o-Rama. I have to run to the airport now, but it was a fantastic weekend and I’m even taking home a little something! ;o)

Top Student Award!

Update: It looks like a couple people have already found my site via Google searching for info on the San Francisco Dance-o-Rama - I’m not sure what they were looking for, but allow me to post a little more info.  In addition to my day job, I spend anywhere from four to sixteen-plus hours a week taking ballroom dance lessons.  This past weekend was the Arthur Murray Area 6 Dance-o-Rama, held in the lovely Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, CA.  A dance-o-rama consists of (at least) two days of constant dancing competing against hundreds of other students from studios across the country.  I personally had 52 “entries”, plus two solo routines, and a group formation - to give a little perspective, the top instructor had 307 entries dancing with various students.  My instructor came in 2nd with 297(?) or so entries - congrats. ;-)

It was a great weekend, though.  Dancing, especially competitively, is a great rush and when we weren’t dancing we were cheering on our fellow students and teachers.  As noted above, I did pretty well taking first or second in nearly every heat I competed in.  I only recently (in the past year) took up this hobby and I am very pleased and surprised at how well I did.  I am already looking forward to the next competition I’m going to which will either be in Chicago in the fall (if I can finance it…) or Hawaii at the beginning of 2008.  I’d love to go to Chicago so I can re-unite with my original Arthur Murray studio as well as see all my old friends, but I will have to budget very stringently in the next few months in order to do so.  I also have a lot of work in front of me in order to step up to the next level in the dance world and compete at the level that I want to.