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Updated Security Tools

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There’s been a few notable releases of some security tools recently - I’ll reference packet storm’s site.

  • Nipper - nipper is a Network Infrastructure Configuration Parser. nipper takes a network infrastructure device configuration, processes the file and details security-related issues. (This sounds very similar to a tool I’m working on - I’ll have to check it out in more detail soon!
  • Scapy 1.1.1 - Scapy’s an awesome tool that I’ve used in the past for messing with packets.
  • Bluediving 0.7 - Bluetooth Penetration Testing Suite…time to fire up my linux box!
  • Cutter - An oldie, but a goodie…something I came across via another (really) old blog entry, but very useful - allows you to kill specific connections on your linux firewall box

On that last note, I’ve come across a lot of really good security blogs lately. I’ll post them here at some point, but you can also just check out my blogroll and look under the Security folder.