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Good Day but With a Chilling Reminder

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I went boarding again today up at Crystal Mountain and had a great time.  I’m doing pretty well now and can make it down a blue trail without falling…too much.  Not too bad for the second time around.  I’m also not too sore…yet.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

It was good to come home, though, and after a long, hot shower I quickly called up a local Indian joint for some butter chicken and garlic nan.  I hit the grocery store, took a drive to the Indian joint and picked up my food.  I was parked around the corner of the main drag and as I was putting my food into my car, I heard the distinct screech of brakes out on the street.  I turned around just in time to see two cars nearly T-bone each other right in the intersection.  It wasn’t a head-on, but they collided quite hard and parts went flying.  Soon enough there was a girl from one of the cars running around crying - I’m not sure if she was hurt or if it was one of the other passengers that was hurt, but it was disturbing nonetheless - the driver of the car that got hit was doing exactly the same thing I had just a couple minutes earlier.  Pulling across a fairly busy street from a side-street.

In my opinion, Seattle streets are quite notorious for being pretty dangerous.  All over the place there are roundabouts, intersecting streets with no traffic signs or signals, and side-streets criss-crossing main streets all over the place with people illegally street parked right by the intersection.  I was just thinking the other day how surprisingly free the streets are of accidents…but this was definitely a chilling reminder to be careful out there.