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Why I'm a Scripting Junkie

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One of my more famous quotes from a previous job was “oh yea, I’ve got a script that does that…”.  Most of my co-workers know that if it can be scripted, I’ll do it.  Perhaps the recent post over on the PowerShell blog, Philosophy of Automation, explains why I’m such a script junkie.

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.
Alfred North Whitehead, Introduction to Mathematics (1911) English mathematician & philosopher (1861 - 1947)

I’ve been playing with PowerShell quite a bit lately as you noticed from my base64 copy/paste one-liner.  I’ve also been playing with it’s integration with .NET and COM objects (read: IE Browser Automation!) and am fairly impressed.  There’s a lot that can be done with PowerShell.