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In case you’re wondering, I did successfully make the drive from Chicago to Seattle, with some brief stops in Omaha and Denver (thanks to both my friends there for putting me up…or putting up with me…for the night).  The last day was the best, being a 20-hour haul from Denver to Seattle.  It was tough, but I did surprisingly well and the only tough part was the second to last hour.  Other than that, a good mix of wonderful scenery through Montana, stand-up comedy, my cb radio, and recordings of This American Life kept me awake and alert.  I’ve got some pictures to post, but it’ll be a while until I unpack my camera cable.  I should mention I’m already on the road for work (yeayea, so much for less travel…not to mention I’m not even home to receive my belongings from the movers), but it’s an awesome client and job in Beverly Hills and the movers situation has been taken care of.  For now, I need to crash.  On the “Damon is angry at you” list after tonight - the TSA and Alamo Rent-a-Car.  Another round of thanks goes to Hertz.