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The Troll Hath Provided

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My new best friend… Fremont Troll

I made a brief trip to Seattle this weekend to try to find a place to live.  The first place I looked was in a neighborhood called Wallingford, but the place I was going to look at had moved its open house to Sunday.  The place looked pretty nice from the little bit I was able to peek inside and see, and I fell in love with the neighborhood.  I spent the rest of the day visiting places that mostly just depressed me and was starting to feel a little hopeless.  One weekend, end of October, move-in in one week…not an easy time to find a place.

So there I was - a place I hadn’t even been inside of yet was at the top of my list.  And there were a couple lingering questions as well…showstoppers.  But I woke up Sunday morning with a few other places to check out.  For a little bit of good luck, I stopped at the Fremont Troll and said a few words in his honor and asked him to help me out.  We shook hands and I headed out to the next property.  And help me out he did - I went to the open house of my top choice and put my name on the list as it was (nearly) everything I’d hoped for.  Then a grueling three hours of waiting ensued with me saying a few prayers to the troll gods every now and then.  And finally I received a call that I was in.  Awesome!  Unfortunately, the 2nd bedroom worked better for the pool table than a guest room…so sorry, any guests that visit will not have their own guest room…but you will have to pay your respects to the Troll.

Unfortunately, I will miss Troll-a-ween to pay my proper dues to the Fremont Troll, but perhaps next year!