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Most of you already know. Those that don’t, this will be news. I posted the cute little map a week or so ago, but what it really meant is that there are a couple changes coming up in my life. I recently found a new tenant for my apartment in Chicago. I will be in Seattle this weekend looking for a place to live.

That’s right. I’ve decided to pull up my roots and move out west. Something I never thought I would do, at least not to the extent that I am.

As many of you know, I spent about 5.5 months out of this year in the Seattle area for work. Turns out I absolutely loved it. Between Rainier, work, and that whole dancing thing…I created a whole new life for myself out there. It felt good. And I’m taking a risk and moving far away from friends and even further away from my family (as I write this, my sister is in the process of moving back east). There’s one friend I’m moving a little closer too…and I’m very happy about that. I miss that guy! It’s funny. I’ve always believed things happen for a reason and I was originally very upset about having to spend the entire summer out in Seattle. Turns out…It’s reminded me of the things I love most in life. Is it far from friends? Yes. Is it farther from family? Yes. But what’s a couple extra hours on a plane - I’ll still go home for the holidays, it doesn’t matter where I am. What matters is living life and doing what you love. So that’s the news. My last day at my current job is tomorrow. I’ve got an awesome new job out in Seattle with an awesome group. I can’t wait to get back out to the mountains. And I can’t wait to get back to the wonderful Bellevue studio (the Chicago studio has treated me quite well in the meantime, tough). And I can’t wait to immerse myself in my job and the Seattle culture. Don’t worry, Dad…I won’t become a wacked-out liberal! I will miss Chicago. I will miss my friends, but that’s why I hope to find a place where they can crash when they come visit me. I will miss my family, but I’m no closer than I was in Chicago. I will miss my new friends I’ve met even in the past couple months since I’ve been back in Chicago…you know who you are. A couple of you only work a half-mile from me. There’s a lot I will miss…but there is a lot I am looking forward to. Quality of life. Mountains. Hills. Camping. Hiking. Biking. Dancing. Security. Skillz. P1r4t3z. Etc. Seattle offers all this. Chicago offers quite a bit, but there are so many things I reconnected with when I was out there that I simply can’t stay away.

So that’s it. A little over one week and I’m headed out. Thanks to all my friends here - you will keep me coming back, and I hope you come out to one of the best places in the country to visit me. And if I call you in the middle of the night next week…it’s just because I’m on the road and need a little love and some conversation to stay awake on my trek out West. When I get there…I will have driven across the entire country on Interstate 90. Live…love…and…as always…hack on.

I’ll miss you Chicago.