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I’ve been obsessed with listening to music lately.  Check out my Last.fm page for what I’ve been listening to.  I only turned Last.fm’s recording feature back on tonight, so it’s not too extensive but I’m sure there will be a lot of tracks on there that you won’t recognize.  But why am I so obsessed lately?  I’m on a mission.  A mission to find new, interesting, passionate music that I can incorporate into the dancing world.  Funky stuff.  Groovy stuff.  Stuff with feeling and passion that hits home and makes me want to jump up and stop working and start moving.  I even spent almost eight hours this past weekend searching for methods, algorithms, and software to catalog all my music into different dance genres, however the best I could find were research papers on the subject - it seems it’s still a difficult task.  Pretty cool stuff, though.  If F. Gouyon and S. Dixon have any of that software available in the public domain, I’d love to get my hands on it and run my entire collection through it.  It doesn’t seem they’ve released anything concrete, however. One place I like to go for new funky music is the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape - I’ve found some pretty cool stuff on there.  I’ve also been making use of iTunes’ new “Just For You” feature which recommends songs based off of previous purchases.  I really enjoy that feature and it has resulted in me spending money I probably wouldn’t have otherwise…just what Apple intended.