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No, really...I'm Back

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Yes, I know I flew back to Seattle last weekend for one last hurrah and the Arthur Murray summer showcase. I had an awesome time both at the showcase and just being in the Seattle area again. Even after being away for only a week, I had already missed the mountains. And then of course there was the showcase:

Sunday begins with choreographed & costumed Student Solo Exhibitions, Freestyle demonstrations, and Open Level demonstrations. Cocktail Party, Dinner and Awards presentation will be followed with a Formal Social Dance Evening.

Again - an awesome time. But I’m back now, and also have a new webhost with some space to put up my pictures from the past couple months like Blackhat, My trip home to help install windows, and my Mt. Rainier Summit! Since I am also working some odd hours this week (off-hours testing), I hope to have to some extra time during the day to post a log of my Rainier Summit Climb. It was truly awesome and I want to thank everybody that donated - I ended up raising almost $3,000 that will be matched by Microsoft and donated to the Washington’s National Park Fund.