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I Made It!

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Well, the rumors are true - I successfully summitted Mt. Rainier and made it back down to tell about it! I’m still in Seattle and really busy right now, so I’ll write more soon but it was an awesome trip. I must say there’s nothing like waking up at 1am and climbing 4,500ft up to the summit in mostly pitch dark conditions where it’s just you, your ice axe, and the rest of your rope team that you’re tied to. You don’t really notice them, though. Once you get in your groove all you know is each step that you take and your breaths in and out. It was definitely a challenge and although I was not as physically prepared as I could have been, I was pretty strong all the way up - but more on that later. I got some work to get on.

Here’s the consummate summit pic - yes, I realize that I look a little…weird, but hey…I just climbed a mountain! Rainier Summit! (aka I <3 my ice axe)