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FujiFilm FinePix F30

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So I happened to mention to somebody that I was considering a new camera - my old Pentax S4I didn’t start up fast enough and there were often times when I would be taking a picture with a flash that it wouldn’t take the picture the first time. This somebody happened to mention that the Fuji F30 was a fantastic low-light camera. And being particularly frustrated with the lowlight quality of my S4I, I decided to just dive in and pick it up so I can get some pretty pictures for my Rainier climb.

So what’s the verdict you ask? As often is the case, words cannot adequately describe the difference. So here are a couple pictures taken with no flash - the first from my old S4I and the second from the new F30: f30/IMGP2942 f30/DSCF0008

Yea, those pictures speak for themselves. I have yet to dig into it, but this camera already amazes me with it’s great low-light capabilities! Unfortunately, however, it does not fit into an Altoid tin.